What can’t you live without at University?

We asked some of our students, ‘what things can’t you live without at university?’ Read on and find out what their answers were.

Ghada Zain, Pharmacy MPharm (Hons)

Since starting my degree, I realised that I absolutely cannot live without coffee! It is my best friend on cold mornings and my companion on dark nights (especially before a deadline).

I also can’t live without technology; my laptop and iPad are very important as they contain all my study material, books, notes and lecture slides.



Duaa Abdulal, Clinical Science BSc (Hons)

I could say normal things like my laptop or my phone, but in reality, my dressing gown has become an essential part of my university life. It sounds like I’m kidding but I’m really not. I’m loving doing my online lectures whilst being sat in my dressing gown (I get a bit sad when lecturers want us to turn our cameras on).

Another thing I can’t live without is my bunny which happens to be obsessed with chocolate and pizza. Of course, buying a rabbit was the only way of getting through the summer lockdown and I have zero regrets.

Amreen Mehnaz, BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult)

I think I will sound very typical if I say my mobile phone, but I do need it as I am a full-time housewife and baker, so I constantly have the hubby bugging me or a customer enquiring about a cake order. I have, however, left it at home on one occasion and I am still alive to tell the story.

My USB is a vital piece of equipment that I always want with me as well as some general stationery to get by on the day. Sweets are also a MUST though!


Saffron Campana, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

My must haves for university are:

  • Good kitchenware and gadgets! You can never have enough pots and pans, and I’d be lost without my George Foreman!
  • Useful apps that I couldn’t live without: Spotify, Headspace (highly recommend for those of you that struggle to get to sleep because of stress – also if you use both you can get a student discount so its £4.99 a month!), Outlook for mobile (to panic send your lecturers emails from anywhere and you can download your calendar so can get to the right lecture on time.)

But most importantly… Good friends! They make the whole uni experience so much better!

Erika Creque, BEng (Hons) Civil and Structural Engineering

Life at university is definitely way different from life at home in the Virgin Islands, so there are a few things I can’t do without.

First off, I like to cook so my Adobo Seasoning is definitely needed, a picture of the beach to keep me grounded and remind me of my reward for after a long semester.

And definitely some lemon grass tea. It is my absolute favourite, it gives off a nice earthy aroma and having it  not only keeps we warm, but it reminds me of home.

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