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Behind the Scenes with the Events and Partnerships Team:

Graduation is the biggest event of the year, but the events and partnerships team does more than coordinate this amazing event. They are responsible for most of the university events and partnerships in and around campus. Bradford born Georgina Schofield is Events and Partnerships Manager and this is one of the busiest times of year for her team but I caught up with her to ask a few questions:

I see university events everywhere, not just graduation and partner events such as the Bradford Literature Festival, how many people are in your team and what areas do you manage?

‘There are 4 people in my team. We focus on engagement and partnerships with an emphasis on events as a medium for engagement.  We focus on City and Civic, Corporate, Public and Internal Engagement with one member of the team working on international partnerships. We are trying to raise the profile and position of the university with these groups and make sure the university is responding to the needs of its stakeholders.

What value do these events and partnerships have?

Our overall aim is mutual benefit.  The University aims to work in partnership to deliver activities that either engage our local communities and stakeholders or address emerging issues affecting the area.

Why did you want to be involved partnerships and events?

I am from the City of Bradford and I have a passion to see its continued development. If, I can contribute to that development, in some small way, then that is job satisfaction for me. In terms of events I’ve always been in roles that have an element of events within them. I enjoy bringing people together for discussions where new ideas can form and new relationships begin.

What lessons have you learned since working at UoB?

So many, I’ve been here in various roles for 12 years so this is a tough question. I suppose the main thing I would say is that Bradford is full of passionate people who want the opportunity to work together. By joining up more in authentic partnerships we can all support the development of the City.

How is the university bringing something new to Bradford?

We bring new things to Bradford through our innovative research, our students being based in the city, and our commitment to partnerships and projects that work for the City. We offer venues and resource so Bradford can host events and projects that benefit residents and students, such as the Channel 4 D.I.V.E.R.S.E Festival and the Bradford Literature Festival

Yes, the Bradford Literature Festival begins on 28th June and our alumni can get 20% discount on all tickets! What will the audience be thinking about in the car as they drive home after they go one of the events on the programme?

The conversations we hear so often on the day are “well isn’t Bradford a nice surprise, I wouldn’t have thought to visit until now” or a general feeling of challenge and inspiration from the speakers and content in the BLF. It doesn’t shy away from the challenging conversations, it gives a platform for a diverse range of speakers that wouldn’t be found elsewhere.

Which event are you looking forward to the most?

Now, that’s a tricky question. I saw Neil Gibb at Tedx Bradford earlier this year and he blew me away so I think his event The Life and Death of Everything Now: An Evening With Neil Gibb will be a particular highlight.

Lastly, What in your opinion, is the most important quality in a community partner?

I think understanding where that reciprocity sits with the partnership. You don’t need to share all the same beliefs but there has to be some common values and a shared understanding that working together will bring benefits for each organisation and the City. We all want the City to succeed’

Find out more about UoB planned events in Bradford:

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Hailed as one of the most inspirational festivals in the UK, the Bradford Literature Festival features over 500 events packed into iconic venues across 10 days and celebrates the written and spoken word in all its wonderful forms. Every year world-renowned authors, poets, musicians and artists are invited to visit our spectacular city and share their expertise and passions with you, the audience.

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