Bradford alumni from Hong kong

Hi all, my name is Joe from Hong Kong. Time flies, I graduated my Bradford MBA in 2012. The study journey was very memorable, although it was not easy. I still remember I had many sleepless nights for my assignments, group projects and examinations as the programme was quite intensive that covered the massive business related area.

I was very fortunate that the professors were knowledgeable and responsive. The classes were very diverse too, I was able to meet people from different fields including the industries of accounting, banking, properties, manufacturing, IT, pharmaceutical and fashion etc. We had a few study groups for some modules. Everyone was willing to share their experience and study tips without reservation, I really learnt a lot from them. The best thing is that the journey hasn’t finished because we are still very close to each other since we graduated. This made the most beautiful part of the programme.

The qualification has also helped me to advance my career. I moved my job from a leading local financial institution to one of the largest international investment firms within a year after graduating.

As the qualification gained at the University of Bradford has been helpful for my career, I would like to contribute to strengthening the local alumni network as an alumni ambassador. We organise activities regularly and have had several popular events over the years, such as the Alumni Cocktail Reception, Joint-alumni Christmas Party, Dinner Catch-up, Happy Hours and Reunion Dinner for HK Alumni etc.

If anyone of you would like to work as an alumni committee member in Hong Kong or join us for leisure, please feel free to join our Bradford Alumni (HK) Facebook Group at or to contact me directly.






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