Come dream with me

Two hours and a few minutes after midnight, 2.17am, I was on the bed enjoying my sleep but suddenly woken by engine noises. I woke up to street racing noises. Looking out the window I see high-rise buildings covered in mandarin writings. I’m in China, I couldn’t believe it!

Building things has been a habit since I was a kid, I’d take things apart because of curiosity and wanting to know how things worked. For some reason my older sister had two physics textbooks, I began reading this before going to high school when she left one behind as she returned to high school, I was fascinated by it, to say the least. I have been puzzled over electrons, bending of light, diffraction in both light and sound, gravity and the likes for ages. It is beautiful and simply intriguing.

I have been told that at a very young age my mind would wonder off. I was absent-minded sometimes, lost in thought. They told my parents I did this in school, I was only 5yrs old. I wasn’t lost in thoughts, I wasn’t daydreaming, I was searching for answers in my mind. Your mind is capable of carrying out complex mind experiments, if you have been training it to do so, you can simulate whatever you want and testing if certain ideas are feasible or not. Instead of buying expensive materials, tools, or building impossible labs, you could just imagine it in your mind and accurately figure out what the different outcomes would be given the type of scenarios you create. This is similar to playing Chess and even more comparable to playing the game of Pool. In Chess, you evaluate the likely scenarios after moving your piece. In Pool, the more accurately you predict how the balls you strike will react, the more you increase your chances of winning the game. With mind experiments, the more you predict the outcome of the experiment – by employing your knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, life experiences, etc., the closer your ‘mind simulation’ will be to being accurate. The more accurate you are in your mind predicting, then the more accurate your concept is if your idea is tested in real life. In simple terms, you can invent things in your mind, test it, modify it and subdue it to different types of tests to know what to adjust or know how it will do in the real world. This process could also be referred to as ‘dreaming’.

A dream is something YOU experience by YOURSELF, it happens in YOUR mind when YOU are asleep or awake, so how can YOU accurately explain 100% of something that is out of this world to someone else? It is, quite frankly, impossible. It is a waste of time trying to explain it to someone else. This is why it is YOUR dream and not theirs, it came to YOU. YOUR dream does not require chatting but requires a move to be made, it needs action. So be brave, forget about how you are going to accomplish that whole lot, instead take that first step. I have come to realize that there’s nothing in this world that will not come to you if you dream of it and give it a certain level of focus. Nothing! I travelled all the way to China, I knew no one there and it was risky. All I had was a dream and an optimistic mindset, I had a fantastic experience by the way. And hey, I made a little scientific discovery in mathematics in 2007 because I chose to dream. Dream with me.

I asked a friend the other day, what is the most dangerous thing on the planet? He replied, ‘Beans’. I know, I couldn’t believe it too. The next person I asked answered, ‘Donald Trump’, I’m not even getting into that right now. You reckon poor choice of friends eh? The most dangerous thing on the planet is also the most powerful thing on the planet because literally every other thing was created with it including Albert Einstein’s indirectly created bomb. You guessed it, it’s your mind. The most powerful thing on the planet is your mind and we all have one! If you look around you right now, take a minute to look around you, do a little 360° of where you are and you will be amazed that almost every single thing in sight was created by man, by a human being. That is how amazing you and I are! Created to dream, build, and birth amazing things. We do not have the faintest idea what the human mind is capable of. Dream with me.

If you are like me you have loads of gadgets. The big problem I have had is charging them without forgetting to unplug them when they are fully charged. It is difficult to always remember to turn off the charger and sometimes you totally forget something is plugged in for more than a day probably because it is out of sight. I had enough of this so I set out to solve the problem myself because leaving your mobile devices plugged in destroys the battery and exposes it to possible power surges. If you continue this bad habit and damage your devices, you will spend a lot of money replacing your gadgets. It could cost you quite a lot to replace them, this is money you could have saved, and it could have been avoided. You are also wasting electricity, making our planet unsexy, and UNGREEN dear friend.

I have created a device to stop this nightmare of leaving my mobile devices plugged in forever. It will be launching on Kickstarter this week, it is called charggee. A lot of adrenaline rushing through me I must say, it is not always easy going out and testing the waters and I do not particularly love the limelight, in fact, I have tried to avoid it for years but it is time and I cannot hide any longer. Dream with me.


“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”  T.S. Elliot

About the Author

My name is Idorenyin Eno and I am a dreamer. I enjoy figuring things out, I am filled with undeniable passion for science and technology. I studied Wireless Sensors and Embedded Systems (MSc) at the University of Bradford. After school I taught myself how to build mobile apps, I am about to launch a product called charggee.


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