Finding Yourself

On my first day at the University at Bradford, I remember the panic and nerves setting in before even reaching the institute. Although I’d initially applied for a physiotherapy course, I’d somehow made my way into the batch of Biomedical Sciences, 2010. Clueless and feeling hesitant to stick around, my nerves quickly began to settle within that first day as we were warmly welcomed into the university by our lecturers and existing students.

Over the course of the next three years, I met countless wonderful people and made some irreplaceable and unforgettable friendships. While it certainly took some time to find my way after graduation – mainly due to a change in priorities, I’ll always look back at my time spent in Bradford University as crucial for my own self-development.

During my time at the university, I got my driver’s license, got engaged then married and got the opportunity to travel alone around the world multiple times yet still came out with a quality degree by the age of twenty-one!

The university experience taught me some effective independent learning strategies and allowed me to hone my literature research skills – both of which I am highly dependent on today in my career. Our tutors empathised on the importance of skills such as time management, interpersonal communication, and detail orientation; perhaps ones that we would have overlooked if we hadn’t have been regularly motivated by them.

I learnt much more during my undergraduate degree asides the medical sciences – the importance of determination and personal growth. Although I appeared to be doing well on top, I actually had no idea where I was going or what I wanted to do in life. I spent a whole year after graduation desperately applying (and getting rejected) for the position I thought I was supposed to join after a degree in Biomedical Sciences. In fact, it took me more than two years to find my passion and the career I’ve chosen; something I should have realised as I gleefully took on every Human Physiology and Anatomy written assignment and was praised personally by my lecturer on more than one occasion for my writing.

Finding yourself

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Today I work as a health and medical freelance writer. I have the flexibility to choose the work I take on and when I want to do it – something very important to me as a mother of two young children. Although I live abroad now, every time I come back to the UK to visit my parents I make sure to drive past Richmond Road and see how the University has developed.

I would have never have imagined on that first day of University in 2010 that I would end up self-employed, confident in doing something I absolutely love. The University of Bradford played a huge part in my self-development, from the invaluable knowledge and practical experience I gained, to the countless support of my teachers and friends during many difficult times and a regular internal battle and depression of not knowing where I was heading.

Like me, most of us have no idea what we’d like to do during our GCSEs, A-Levels and during our university days or where we want to be. In fact, many of us fall into jobs which we can’t stand and end up wishing for change, simply because it felt like the right choice to make at the time. Although for me this is just my beginning, I now understand that all those years of doubting myself, coupled with the countless rejections I faced, were actually essential in helping me find my success. Don’t be afraid to grow slowly – just don’t stop!


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Nisha Shahrukh graduated from the University of Bradford in 2010 with a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences. She is an experienced health and medical content writer and provides writing services for clients worldwide. To contact Nisha, connect with her on LinkedIn at

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