We Embrace the Rise of AI in Bradford

Bradford University is at the forefront of this rapidly advancing technology and aims to equip graduates with work based skills to embrace the future.

Employers across the technology, healthcare, finance, transport, and security industries are desperate for skilled AI graduates, to help them gain a competitive edge through the use of this fast-emerging technology.

Our University has always been focused on leading  and developing applied programmes to assist students in progressing their careers in a rapidly changing world.  We are excited with the launch of our pioneering new AI programme which recognises the need for skilled AI professionals.

“Artificial intelligence-driven automation is the future of all multidisciplinary business processes. Our innovative BSc in Applied Artificial Intelligence programme will help you become a knowledgeable, confident and creative professional in the area.” – Professor Hassan Ugail, Director, Centre for Visual Computing, University of Bradford

This course explores the complexities and potential for AI technologies and teaches the knowledge and skills needed to create innovative solutions. It is delivered by a multidisciplinary (finance, healthcare, transport and security) team and brings together a diverse set of perspectives on this important and rapidly developing field from across the campus with input from leading tech companies such as Google, SAP, Microsoft and IBM.

More information on the course:


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