Why Mentor? – Preparing students for business

 “Very satisfying to be able to impart your knowledge and help students to develop and thrive”. (TW)

5 Reasons to Mentor:

  1. Mentoring offers real scope for personal and professional development, as well as the satisfaction of seeing the positive impact of your input on your mentee’s life and career.
  2. Our Career and Employability Services are committed to supporting our mentors and mentees to benefit fully from the scheme – developing your career opportunities too.
  3. Better skills, better employees, better business – by mentoring you are actively contributing to creating a competitive workforce. Future employees that will benefit your industry and possibly, your business.
  4. Soft skills set recruits apart from others.

In a recent survey, 85% of Business Leaders and HR Directors said that they saw technical skills as a basic necessity for new hires, with soft skills being the thing that sets recruits apart from others.

Hopefully you’ll agree that we take care of the technical skills here at the University of Bradford in order to prepare our graduates for their chosen vocation, but it’s those soft skills that can be more challenging to develop

5. Your expertise can help to inspire future graduates.

By mentoring a student and being able to offer an insight into a professional workplace, you can provide the opportunity for your mentee to obtain these hugely valuable skills such as self-awareness, resilience and commercial awareness that they would struggle to find elsewhere.

Mentor testimonials:

“I have enjoyed meeting the mentees and have found it refreshing to see how enthusiastic and ambitious they are to join the legal profession”. (RW)

“I really appreciated participating in the Mentoring Scheme. Without a shadow of a doubt it developed my confidence and communication skills in mentoring a keen student. I was very lucky to have my first mentoring experience with xxx who was positive and enthusiastic!” (MD)

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