Unemployment after graduation

How it felt to be unemployed after graduating

The day of my last university exam was one of the best days of my life but at the same time it was upsetting knowing my student life was coming to an end and I would be facing the real working world.

Mentally I prepared myself and was ready for the big change, well I thought I was anyway as according to the mainstream view, I was capable of finding a good job after graduating. But clearly it was not that simple as the graduate labour market has become more complex. Employers are looking for individuals who stand out, are appropriate for the job role and have more than just subject knowledge and basic skills to offer.  I found it difficult to present these skills and did not feel positive, I felt like giving up because of the rejections, it reduced my confidence, and I felt lazy, I had too much free time but not enough money to do things and above all these I was no longer a student and felt I was all alone in the real working life.

However by the help of my university offering me a place in a postgraduate course in Employment and Entrepreneurship, it definitely opened my eyes, taught me how to sell myself to an employer and most of all just feel positive. I no longer feel alone and feel as if I am one step closer to my career.