Why You Should Come To The Graduate Careers Fair

Our latest Careers Fair, The Graduate Recruitment Fair 2014 is coming up on Wednesday October 22nd in Student Central.

If you’ve never been to a careers fair before, here’s a few reasons why you should definitely come along:


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Research your career

Whether you’re a graduate, final year student or still in the middle of your studies, a careers fair is a great way of observing a number of companies that may be relevant to your career prospects all in one place, just like the internet but made out of people. You will get to see how they market themselves, their ethos and ultimately whether you could work for them (and whether they are likely to want you).

Speak to employers, and ask them what is they do, and why. The people staffing the stalls will have their own perspective and experiences so it’s a good chance to hear from them as well as talking about the opportunities being advertised.

Market Yourself

Exhibitors are at the fair because they are looking for good people to work with, so make the right impression by being prepared – who knows where it may lead? It’s not difficult to get the basics right:

  • Look presentable – full-on business dress is not essential, but aim for smart-casual as a minimum (in other words, get your iron out).
  • Do some research – look at the company’s website, and to make it as easy as possible. Think about what they offer, and how you would fit in, if you’ve any questions not covered on the website, take the opportunity to ask them.
  • Have an up to date CV ready – A decent CV gives your potential employer something solid about you to take away, so make sure it’s up to date, accurate and impressive. Come in to Career Development Services for advice on your CV.
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Get experience

A careers fair can be a good way of getting experience of answering interview questions without the formality of an interview setting, but it’s useful to get used to speaking to people in industry in general. Following up on your conversations via email is a good idea too, make sure your email is professional though.

Attend workshops

Sharpen those employability skills and learn more about the area you are interested in. There’s a range of workshops taking place on the day featuring guest speakers from industry who can give you insights from the inside, and advice on how to improve your chances of getting a job in your chosen field.

Find a job!

Ultimately, the fair is there to help you find a job, whether it be a graduate career, a placement, internship or a part-time position, the opportunities are there, so come along – what have you got to lose?

Information Team, Career Development Services