Resource of the week: Instagram

Instagram – it’s for looking at pictures of cats and dogs, getting motivation for (occasionally) going to the gym, and finding inspiration for decorating those all-important post-gym cupcakes. Right?

There’s no denying that when on public transport or waiting for a bus, quickly viewing cute pictures on demand is a handy time waster. It initially seems a less serious social media platform in comparison to Facebook and Twitter, which are traditionally text-based and capable of sharing and disseminating larger amounts of information.

But with Facebook becoming increasingly commercialised, and consumers increasingly demanding bite-size, quickly digested snapshots of information due to today’s on-the-go lifestyles, many serious companies have turned to Instagram to highlight certain key points about their recruitment cycles and graduate schemes. With more and more people accessing the internet from phones and tablets rather than computers, it is no wonder that this platform, designed for mobile access, has quickly become the fastest growing social media site globally.

Our advice? Get on board.

You can download the app for free and follow us for weekly updates @UniBradCareers. A few suggestions of other Instagram accounts you may wish to follow are:

@kpmgtraineesuk – get ┬áinsights into one of the most popular graduate schemes out there through daily pictures

@targetcareers – an account dedicated to motivating you towards your chosen career

@asdagraduates – again, another account of a popular nationwide graduate scheme, posting pictures to give you an insight of what training to be an Asda employee really looks like

@specssaversgrads – especially for all you optometry students out there! – information specifically to law careers…

@RAFrecruitment – again, information dedicated to a specific career field

…and so on and so forth. Just do a quick search for the field you’re interested in working in, and find the accounts relevant to your own career path.

But of course, as with all social media platforms, remember that anything that you do on social media may reflect on how potential employers view you! Particularly when you post on Instagram after connecting with industries you are interested in, be careful about your public profile, and consider setting your account to private. You can download our social media booklet for further information.