Wisdom Wednesdays: How to keep your cool in your graduate job search

By Scarlett @BubbleJobs

Applying for a job can get a little too much for graduates/students at times – just hearing the phrase “job search” is enough to send some final years round the bend. And that’s understandable – you’ve been working really hard over the past few years and now the end is in sight and you’ve got to try and find yourself a job!

It’s a pretty scary prospect to say the least but keeping your cool can really help you to get a good job quickly. So I’ve come up with four ways to make sure you keep calm during your job search.


1)      Organisation Is A Must

Organisation is so important when you start your job search – you’ve got your CV to sort out, your interview etiquette to perfect and to top it all off you’ve got to actually find some jobs to apply for. With all these things to do you can easily lose track of what you’re doing if you’re not careful.

Get yourself a notepad or a computer file that’s dedicated to your job search and make some clear to-do lists with targets set out – this way you can tick them off as you go along. Also be sure to note down every job you apply for, the job title, the company/recruiter, the date you applied and the closing date – this way you won’t be caught out when you get a call from a hiring manager out of the blue. If you’re organised in your job search you’ll be able to put it all into context and not let it all get too much for you.


2)      Keep Positive

When you’ve been looking for a job for what seems like forever it can be easy to get yourself in a slightly negative mind-set. But you have to remember – this is a temporary situation that won’t last forever.

So put your all into it and keep positive, you’ll find the right job for you at some point – even if it takes a bit longer than you first thought. If you’re on a downer about getting a job then it will probably shine through in your application and interview. So keep a smile on your face and carry on!



3)      Don’t Apply To Everything

Speaking from experience, it can be easy to obsess a little bit about getting the dream job. To start with I found myself trawling through job sites applying for every role I could think of. But I ended up getting tonnes of phone calls about roles I wasn’t actually that keen on.

Look through the job spec and make sure that it suits you – there’s no point in applying for a role that you’re not that interested in. You’ll just find yourself getting stressed because you’ve got pointless interviews here, there and everywhere.


4)      Don’t Take Rejection Personally

Rejection is a common occurrence in the job world and I’m sorry to say it – but you’re probably going to come across this at some point in your job search. It’s important to not take this rejection personally – try and take it on the chin and dust yourself off.

When an employer says you’re not right for the job it doesn’t mean they didn’t like you as a person.



There are so many reasons why you might not have been chosen – so don’t take it personally and carry on with your job search – if you let it knock your confidence then you may struggle with your next interview. Get some feedback if you can – then you know exactly where you went wrong and you can improve.



Author Bio: Scarlett Wilson is a Keele University graduate and is currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive for Bubble Jobs – a niche digital jobs board that specialises in advertising digital, ecommerce, media and marketing jobs from the UK’s top brands. Follow her on Twitter: @Scarlett278 or find out more about Bubble Jobs at http://www.bubble-jobs.co.uk/ 

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