Resource of the Week: Career Planner

This week’s Resource of the Week is Prospect’s handy Career Planning tool

careersWhat is it? The Career Planning tool is an online resource which asks you questions about your skills, motivations, and desires. It then generates a list of occupations which match your personality and aims, as well as handy links on how to get to each.

What they say: “Join thousands of students and graduates who have used Career Planner to guide their next steps. It takes just three minutes to find out what jobs suit you.”

What we think: this is a handy way of matching your abilities and desires to different career areas, and generating ideas for after graduating. It only takes a couple of minutes to register and do the test, but you may spend longer exploring the site afterwards, as it suggests jobs to you which you have not previously considered, and provides realistic ways of achieving each one.

What you should do now: register and complete the test online and consider the top ten occupations Prospects generates for you, and make an appointment with a Career Development Adviser to take your ideas forwards.