Wisdom Wednesday: A Chance to Realise your Potential

eiriniWhat I gained from the Careers fair

A chance to realise your potential

Views from Eirini Kyriazi-Perri, one of our Careers Ambassadors


The Spring Careers Fair, for this year, took place in Student Central on Wednesday 18th of March 2015. The event was attended by a range of students, included 1st and 2nd year students but also final year students. Previous University of Bradford graduates were also welcome to attend Careers fair.

Careers fair offers many opportunities and the interaction between students and employers can be very beneficial for both parts. Below I will share with you my experience  as a student but also as a part of the career ambassadors’ team, hoping that more students can be motivated to attend future fairs and actively participate on the event by volunteering – like career ambassadors do!

An Ambassador’s Perspective

What I gained personally from the last Spring Careers fair was much more than just some additional working experience. It was the first Fair that I took part as an ambassador and it was a unique experience which I will never forget! As a career ambassador you need to make sure that the exhibition goes smoothly and be ready to deal with any issues that could come up.

Careers fair gives you the opportunity to meet new people – not only employers but also students and people who are part of the big CDS team. It is your chance to become more engaged at the University and improve your communication, team working and so many more skills.

If you have the chance to participate to the next Career Fairs as a part of this lovely team, please do not hesitate to do so!


A Student’s Perspective

I have attended several Career fairs in the past as a student, which helped me to understand in more depth what the potential employers are looking for, improve my CV and the way I present – or if you want to use the word – “sell” myself.

Career Development Services offers to students, who are willing to attend the event, a variety of information and advice about the exhibition – what can students expect from this event but also what employers are expecting from Bradford university students each year.

Personally, before every fair I followed the instructions/advice of CDS team in order to be prepared for the event. In this way I had the chance to meet many employers and make a good impression. I found my first part time job through the Careers fair, when I was still at my first year of my studies.

Everything is available for you – from a companies list to a map which will guide you around Student Central on the day of the event. All you have to do is be well prepared and have a positive attitude! Do not miss the chance to meet with several employers, gain a placement, internship or a graduate job and approaching employers at the fair and grow further your network!


An Employer’s Perspective

Don’t forget the employers who are invited to the fairs! These are the people who “put oil in the machine” because without them there are no potential career opportunities for the students. What they are looking for are enthusiastic people with fresh ideas who are willing to know more about their company and further develop their career. The written feedback from the employers showed us that we achieved our goals providing as much help as we could to them in a range of activities during the whole day of their visit at University of Bradford.


If you are interested in attending the next Careers Fair as a student, employee or volunteer, please contact us at careers@bradford.ac.uk or on 01274 234991 for a chat.