Welcome to Careers – here’s what’s new for 2019/20!

Welcome to a new year at the University of Bradford! We’ve been busy all summer preparing for the new term and we’ve got a few new and different things to tell you about…

1 – New reception

This is a big one, and might be a bit of a surprise to returning students. Our reception is now in Student Central and all our enquiries and appointments will be fielded by the MyBradford team in the first instance.

All our services and appointments are still exactly the same, reception is just located in a slightly different place to accommodate all the student services in one place. So, if you’ve got a careers query, please go and see the lovely MyBradford team and they will find the right person to help you.

2 – Our new Getting a Job booklet

Our new booklet has been updated and redesigned based on feedback from our students, and the new slimmer booklet contains everything you need to know about skills, part-time jobs, CVs and applications, interviews and more. Pick one up in Careers.

3 – The Part-time Jobs Fair

Not technically a brand new event, as we’ve held it for the last three years, but always a popular event to kick the year off as lots are students are looking for jobs alongside their studies. It takes place next Thursday, 26th September from 12.30-15.30 and features a range of local employers looking to fill their part time and casual roles. Find out more on My Career and Employability Centre.

4 – International Opportunities booklet

Studying, working and other activities abroad are great ways to develop your skills and experience different cultures. This booklet breaks down the kinds of opportunities available to you, alongside the funding and assistance available from our International Opportunities team. Pick one up from Careers, and you can also find out more at an International Opportunities drop in session every weekday from 13.00-14.00. Book a slot here, or just come along.

Please feel free to come and find us if you have any careers queries and questions, or get in touch to find out more.