My lockdown story – Chukwuemeka Nwachukwu

This week’s post comes from Chukwuemeka Nwachukwu, studying for a Master’s in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. Originally from Nigeria, here he describes how he’s settled into life in Bradford in a very challenging situation and calls out a few people who have helped him along the way…


Here I am reflecting on my post graduate journey so far. Despite being an unprecedented time, I can easily say that last year was the most challenging year in recent times, all I can say is I am grateful. I am grateful to my family for the great support and love. Moving to another country could be both interesting and daunting at the same time.

My journey to the UK was a blend of the cool and the weird, the fun and the stress, but in all, I’m here and absolutely love it. Straight to a compulsory self-isolation, it gave me more time to settled down and get prepared for a long semester. During the lockdown I grew tired, bored, and extremely home sick. I lost a few hours brooding over how exhausting the lockdown was in the UK with winter starting again but I transferred that energy into looking forward, thinking ahead, and facing the dreadful thoughts of the next steps.

Campus in winter

The frustration of learning 100% virtually was also experienced, on some days you will have your laptop taking a holiday or some features not coming up, one remarkable thing is that the IT Services of the university always comes through and saves the day. The Student Life Team was supportive with the food and student support fund which was a life saver. The Unique University of Bradford is a great citadel of learning.

Campus in spring

The joy that the Spring season brought was super inspiring. So, as I watched the bees pollinate the flowers through my window, I saw myself blossom as a scholar, an emerging researcher and a global changemaker, with its wonderful Career and Employability Services, Nicola Crowther, Andrew Rowbotham, Helen Collins, Helen Bradley, Nawaz Khan, and the team making sure I have the best information for career development.

With the wonderful people University of Bradford Union of Students ensuring students have the best university experience through its activities, having gone to hikes at Hebden Bridge and Malham Cove, I have to say that Yorkshire is a very beautiful place. Volunteering in the setup of the UNIfy festival, fundraising for Run for William (who has Sanfilippo Syndrome), involved in the planting of 50 trees on Campus; to maintain its campus of the future goal and the mixed ability South Sudan Project with Moses Wawich. Grateful for the opportunity to work with Daniel Batchelor, Adam Tasker, Inshaal Ahmad, Alexandra Stone Conor MacMahon, Raouf Makhzum and Zain Ul Abdin.

This world-class institution provided me with an incredible opportunity to meet and cross-pollinate ideas with an extremely brilliant cohort whilst under the tutelage of some of the finest lectures in the world, including Having Dr Kamran Mahroof as the programme leader is a good win, with the timely intervention and ensuring our concerns were met, Dr Irene Chu, Jaskaran Kaur, Shahid Rasul, Dr Wenzhao Wang. I won’t fail to mention Dr Amizan Omar who is the best personal tutor, the Interfaith group; Andrew Howorth and everyone at the student life team; Sarah Jones, etc. Not forgetting my great colleagues Peter Akaeje, Moshood Yahaya, Obinna Okoye and Melanie E Denyer.

I look forward to getting hands on experience as a Data Analyst, Digital Marketing Specialist Business Analyst or Public Policy Specialist.


Thanks Chukwuemeka, and all the best for the future. Don’t forget, we’re available to speak to for careers advice throughout the year. Book an appointment today.