Using Handshake Career Centre – 10 things you should be doing now

As you may have noticed, we’re now using Handshake as our jobs, appointments and events portal. There’s plenty to explore on there, so here’s our quick guide to making the most of this great resource…

1) Activate your Handshake profile

This is the easiest step — sign up for Handshake with your student email address and complete the activation steps.

2) Check out our events

Our Careers webinars, workshops and events on campus are designed to develop your employability skills, offer professional insights and introduce you to new opportunities. See the full schedule and book your places. You can also explore our Career Fairs and find out about the exhibiting organisations.

screenshot of events on Handshake

3) Book an appointment with us

We’re here to help with all your careers queries, and our appointments are divided into four categories: Quick Queries; Part-time jobs, internships, placements and work experience; Career Guidance and Coaching, and International Opportunities. Choose an appointment based on your needs and we can speak to you in person, via video on Handshake, over the phone or by email.

4) Upload your CV

Did you know you can upload your CV and your Handshake profile will pull loads of information automatically? Save yourself the effort of writing everything multiple times by uploading your CV before adding anything else to your profile and you’ll only have to fill in the gaps.

5) Fill out your job preferences

This means selecting locations you’d like to work in, preferred job roles, and your ideal job type: part-time, full-time, internship, or on-campus to get alerts when suitable roles come up.

6) Add experience to your profile

Add any volunteering, internship, or work that you’ve already completed to your profile. This allows prospective employers to see your previous (or current) responsibilities. Also add specific courses, skills, and talents that could be relevant to your future career. This will help give prospective employers a better idea of the special attributes you have to offer their organisation.

7) Follow interesting employers

Explore different organisations and companies on Handshake and follow them for updates. Often, recruiters check who is following them — it can help you get on their radar and ensure you get alerts for new opportunities – it only takes a few seconds to get noticed.

8) Add a headshot

This isn’t a must for landing a job, but a photo can help put a face to your name — this is particularly useful if you’ve made a connection with a recruiter on campus at a career fair or event.

9) Ask questions and gain insights

Use Handshake to build connections by messaging peers. Reach out to alumni from your university, people who have previously held internships you’re interested in, and more. There are so many knowledgeable folks on Handshake— hit them with some of your questions about specific career paths, organisations, or opportunities.

10) Apply for jobs

This is self-explanatory. Now that you’re a Handshake super-user, make sure to apply for opportunities!

One more thing…

If you download the Handshake app from Google or Apple app stores, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the above while you’re on the go.

If you’ve got any questions or comments about the Handshake Career Centre, or any other careers queries, please feel free to get in touch with us.