Creating leaders in the field of dementia care

The UK Government has pledged to be a ‘world leader in dementia care and research’, and expects that by 2020 UK will ‘the best place in the world to undertake research into dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases’.

Our Centre aims to build research capacity in dementia, creating the future leaders that dementia research needs. Our doctoral students are focused on improving care, health and wellbeing of people affected by dementia conducting research across a range of settings, including the community, acute hospital care or care home settings.

Angela Richardson and Wendy Andrusjak, PhD students, share their experience of studying with us;

I am a final PhD student at the Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) in Transitions in Dementia care. I applied to study at Bradford because it is an internationally recognised centre for Dementia studies. The opportunity to work alongside esteemed researchers is a privilege. The DTC has provided me with an enriching learning environment. I have had several opportunities to present my work to stakeholder groups and a number of international experts in the field of transitional care. As part of this programme I have visited Penn State University in the USA, where I saw many different care services and met with other PhD students and researchers. This has enabled me to gain an international perspective on my work as well as start to build an international network. These experiences have contributed enormously to my professional development as a researcher. A PhD Journey has many ups and downs, working alongside other students with a common interest, learning about their projects and being able to share coping strategies when challenges arise have all been additional benefits of being part of this team. 

By Angela Richardson,


When first starting my PhD I was scared, nervous and excited and wondered how on earth I was going to do this mammoth task now set before me.  Being at Bradford has however quickly instilled faith in me that I can do this.  The initial training was fantastic and set me off on the right course with optional training offered regularly.  The staff are so supportive that if there is something specific they will even find suitable individuals who can hold sessions to help you.  The campus is also great, we have our own PhD student offices with fantastic computers, and a PhD lounge to relax in with a pool table and table tennis.  My supervisors have also been incredible, and although they are mandated to provide monthly supervision meetings, they go so far beyond that.  From five minute coffee breaks to help me knock down those brick walls, to fighting my corner no matter what the case.  We’re also made to feel a part of the staff, invited to their conferences and meetings and learning what the life of post PhD research is like.  I’m not yet half way through, but I look forward to seeing what else Bradford has to offer, and can already feel them shaping me into a leader of tomorrow, I just hope I can do them proud.

By Wendy Andrusjak,