The National Media Museum

Many staff and students will be aware of recent media coverage about the possible funding cuts to the Science Museum Group and the impact this could potentially have on the National Media Museum here in Bradford. While we are yet to learn if the group’s funding will be cut, and what this might mean for the museum in Bradford, I was pleased to see the announcement yesterday of an inquiry by the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee into the Science Museum Group’s proposed response to any further cuts in funding.

We have a strong and long standing relationship with the Museum, which sees many of our students and staff collaborating with the museum each year. It plays a huge part in attracting students to our city and is a fantastic asset for the Bradford community.

We will, of course, offer whatever support we can to the National Media Museum as it looks to secure its future and I know that many staff and students are among over 30,000 signatories of the online petition that has been set up.

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 in News