Collecting data during fieldwork

This TQR paper is a fascinating use of two case studies to explore and discuss of the vagaries of doing fieldwork for data collection.

There is a vast load of literature concerning how data collection can be conducted. This literature provides guidelines and recommendations on how data collection might be done, however, only a very limited part of this literature describes in detail how data actually are collected in the field. This paper is intended to be an example, where the methodology is explained in detail to assist and inspire other researchers, on their way to conduct interesting and important research. The data collection and fieldwork described in this paper were conducted to complete two case studies in Belize, Central America. The core of the paper is data collection methods applied in these case studies, which include selection and arrangement of interviewees, and conducting the interviews, and how secondary information was obtained. It also includes the considerations related to timing and fieldwork locations, and thoughts on positioning, power, and ethics related to the fieldwork conducted.